Leaders rarely need training, but they benefit from the right kind of coaching. Much like professional athletes have coaches, business athletes can stay on top of their games with communication coaching that helps them deliver a strong message with more impact.


There are many ways CCG works with leaders. We can help them prepare for one big event with our Event Preparation series, or we can add impact to a range of speaking opportunities through our Executive Presence program. The sessions are always customized for an individual’s specific needs and availability. Using videotape of real work presentations, as well as session exercises, we set goals, and measure success. Both models involve a 4 phase process including preparatory work before a first session and a progress summary after the program is completed:



Executive Presence

An Executive Presence Program is aimed at C-level executives, founders and other senior leaders who have multiple speaking engagements. They are looking to add impact to all of their communications. We work with leaders to shape what they say – and how they say it – in a way that works best for them.

An Executive Presence Program is offered in engagements of 3, 6 to 12 months. It involves a combination of in-person meetings, videotaping in sessions and business life, and regular coaching exchanges by phone or email.

Event Preparation

Event Preparation is designed for the experienced executive who is focused on delivering a particular presentation or speech, and who would like a review of best practices and techniques to polish his or her communication skills. The shorter sessions spaced over several weeks allow leaders to digest and practice new techniques, as well as time for visual aid changes.

This program is offered in a package of 4 (2-hour) sessions generally devoted to preparation, practice, rehearsing and review. Over that time, CCG helps leaders develop what they would like to say, as well as polish their verbal, vocal and visual elements of style. We use videotape to better ensure their goals are met.


"Mary has been invaluable in helping me and AppNexus leadership communicate more effectively with the press and as speakers, which has been vital to our growing business."

Brian O'Kelley

CEO, AppNexus

"Count me as a big fan of Mary's. She worked with me when I joined Citi and helped me tremendously. Recently, I've had her work with our Ellevate Network members, who all gave her two thumbs up!"

Sallie Krawcheck


"Mary Civiello helps you raise your game better on clear, compelling communication than anyone I have met. She has a way of telling it like it is...giving you honest, straightforward feedback that's hard to come by at a senior level. Then she combines it with easy strategies and simple encouragement…. in a no nonsense but relaxed way. Value for time AND money….Mary has my solid recommendation!!!"

Pam Craig

CFO, Accenture