At CCG, media training involves preparation for the traditional media; industry trades to top tier outlets both print and broadcast. Our training also can involve tips and techniques for the media you and your organization develop such as video for your website, or for on on-line channels such as YouTube.

Traditional Media

CCG helps leaders to feel more confident and in control. We help you:

  • Develop and deliver strong newsworthy messages
  • Anticipate and manage tough questions
  • Understand how reporters think
  • Understand how the media works behind the scene, and on the scene, ensuring that you never walk into a TV studio or a news briefing wondering what’s coming, or even where to look




Ultimately, CCG gives leaders an edge because we have one: Every CCG coach was the “guy holding the microphone” with a major news organization.

Your Media

Being effective on camera should be a goal of every leader today. More and more are using their websites and the internet more broadly, to communicate internally and externally with customers and other stakeholders.

How We Work

Media training can involve a half day to 2 days, 1 on 1 or for a group, depending on your needs. A typical half day session includes an internet, TV and print interview. The print interview is conducted by a real freelance reporter who delivers a story to the session.




CCG media training includes tips and techniques to improve what and how you say it whenever the camera is rolling.


“Mary is our go-to person for state of the art media training not only for the senior executives at Blackstone, but for the C Suite in our portfolio companies.”

Peter Rose

Senior Managing Director,
Global Public Affairs Blackstone

"After 15 years of appearances on television, I figured I knew how to deliver a decent interview- until I met Mary. Media training is as important as any training you do- including learning to drive a car- it will hold you in good stead every time you have to get up in front of people and tell a story. Brava Mary. I'll be back for tune-ups. Mary's process is not only illuminating, it's fun!"

Adriana Trigiani

Bestselling Author